2021 Scholarship

About the Scholarship

The scholarship is $500.00 per year for four year’s of Catholic high school education within the Diocese of Phoenix for a total of $2000.00. This scholarship is open to any boy or girl graduating from 8th grade in the spring of 2021, who meets one of the following requirements:

  1. the family is a registered member of Ss. Simon & Jude: or

  2. is a student at Ss. Simon & Jude Elementary School: or

  3. is within the religious education program at Ss Simon & Jude: or

  4. is a child of a 12708 council member who has been accepted to any Phoenix area Catholic high school.

There is one (1) scholarship available each year.

Scholarship Contact Information

Knights of Columbus #12708

C/O Jim Andrews

7310 N. 16th Street, Suite 320

Phoenix, Arizona 85020

Judging Criteria

This scholarship is awarded by committee vote based on the following criteria:

A. Grades

B. Extra-curricular activities

C. Recommendations

D. Financial need

E. Community service

F. Essay


  1. Print or type the application form completely and correctly. An incomplete application will be rejected from consideration.

  2. Secure copies of all 7th grade and first semester 8th grade report cards and attach these to the back of the application form.

  3. Write an essay incorporating the following theme. “What a scholarship to a Catholic high school would mean to me”. This should be double spaced typewritten or word processed. Handwritten essays will be rejected. Essays should be no less than 150 words and limited to one page. Essay must be attached to the application form behind the report cards.

  4. Secure two letters of recommendation from teachers, counselors, coaches, or school administrators who have evaluated you academically. Attach these letters to the application form directly behind the essay.

  5. Don’t forget to sign and have a custodial parent or legal guardian sign the application form.

  6. Deadline is May 10th, 2021 for the Knights of Columbus to receive all scholarship applications.

  7. Do not send anything else other than what’s been requested.

  8. Mail the application form and all the attachments exactly as they have been explained to the attention of:

Knights of Columbus #12708

Jim Andrews

7310 N. 16th Street, Suite 320

Phoenix, Arizona 85020

The winner will be notified prior to the Commencement. The Scholarship certificate will be presented at the Graduation Commencement. The winner's name will be reported to The Catholic Sun for publication.

Scholarship Application 2021 Form.pdf
Scholarship Application 2021 Rules.pdf

Congratulations to the 2020 Scholarship Winner!

Anastasia Angulo

This scholarship is $500.00, payable to a Catholic High School in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, and is renewable for each year of the winner's Catholic High School career (four years).

History of the Scholarship

On May 19 th 2000, Council 12708 was chartered. The first Grand Knight was Richard (Dick) Chenevey. Dick served as Grand Knight for 2 years getting the Council on firm ground financially and good works with the members and the Parish. Once Dick moved to become a Trustee for the Council, talk began about the Council awarding a scholarship to an 8th grader wishing to attend a Catholic high school. The discussion eventually lead to a resolution which was proposed to the general membership on April 8 th 2003. The resolution allowed for a $2,000 scholarship award ($500 per year). Rick Garrison was Grand Knight and under his leadership, the resolution passed unanimously. The first scholarship was awarded in 2004. The scholarship recipients since then is listed below.

The scholarship has been presented to children of 12708 council members but more commonly to non-members. The recipients have gone to Bourgade, St Mary’s Xavier and Brophy. The amount of the scholarship has not changed.

Past Scholarship Winners

2004 - Phillip Heinley

2005 - Shiran Halpe

2006 - Sara Tellez

2007 - Rebecca Spencer

2008 - Maddison Rice

2009 - Eric Andrews

2010 - Kaitlyn Felix

2011 - Tessa Zacaggnio

2012 - Alexandra Kusen

2013 - Joseph Valencia

2014 - Hailee Walsh

2015 - Maria Boby

2016 - Marti Herro

2017 - Bianca Fox

2018 - Emily Nguyen

2019 - Joscelynn Perez Ramirez

2020 - Anastasia Angulo

2021 - COULD BE YOU!