Into the Breach


January 11, 2022

Session 1: Masculinity

ITB Video Study Guide 01 Masculinity.pdf

Session 2: Brotherhood

ITB Video Study Guide 02 Brotherhood.pdf

January 25, 2022

Session 3: leadership

ITB Video Study Guide 03 Leadership.pdf

Session 4: Fatherhood

ITB Video Study Guide 04 Fatherhood.pdf

February 8, 2022

Session 5: Family

ITB Video Study Guide 05 Family.pdf

Session 6: Life

ITB Video Study Guide 06 Life.pdf

February 22, 2022

Session 7: Prayer

ITB Video Study Guide 07 Prayer.pdf

Session 8: Suffering

ITB Video Study Guide 08 Suffering.pdf

March 8, 2022

Session 9: Sacramental Life

ITB Video Study Guide 09 Sacramental Life.pdf

Session 10: Spiritual Warfare

ITB Video Study Guide 10 Spiritual Warfare.pdf

March 22, 2022

Session 11: Evangelization

ITB Video Study Guide 11 Evangelization.pdf

Session 12: The Cornerstone

ITB Video Study Guide 12 The Cornerstone.pdf

What does it mean to step into the breach?

To step into the breach, we must begin by recognizing an important reality: that we are engaged in a battle for the hearts and souls of every person.

This battle is real, and it is spiritual. It began before we were born and will continue until Christ comes again. It is larger than any of us can see. It includes angelic beings, the men and women who have gone before us in the faith, as well as each of us. As Catholic men we have committed in a special way to engage in this battle in defense of our families, our parishes, our communities and our world. And yet, since the turn of the millennium, millions of men have left the Catholic faith. There is a sizeable breach in the lines.

But the mission of the Church goes beyond mere defense. Christ commissioned his disciples, and that includes us, to preach the Gospel to all nations. We are all called to evangelization. On this front there is also a great need, and the sizeable number of young people leaving the faith indicates we need to step into this offensive campaign as well.

This series is an invitation to join this battle, to step into the breach and to join the evangelical offensive. It challenges men to seek greatness, to be heroically virtuous and to develop a character marked by goodness and truth, strength and courage. It helps prepare men to be capable of standing in the breach and fighting for Christ.

To be a man who is willing and able to step into the breach requires certain commitments, including:

  • Striving for a life of holiness and virtue

  • Praying daily and frequently receiving the sacraments

  • Fulfilling the duties of fatherhood and family life

  • Supporting one’s brothers in Christ

  • Serving others, especially the most vulnerable, such as the poor and unborn

  • Supporting the Church, especially through the parish

The Into the Breach episodes and study guide are meant to help men deepen their understanding and practice of these commitments.

cf. Into the Breach Video Series Study Guide

Can't make it to a session?

No worries, view the video and ponder the study guide on your own. Catch the next session!

Want to prepare ahead of time?

  • Everyone will have access to both the video and study guide prior to the session.

  • Feel free to preview if you have the time. This isn't required but can enhance your experience.

Do I have to be a Knight or a parishioner of the Cathedral to participate?

Not at all! While sessions are hosted by the SSJ Knights Council, they are open to all men seeking to deepen their commitment to step into the breach! No pressure to join the Knights or register at the Cathedral.

Additional Printables

Original Exhortation

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Study Guide

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Study Guide Booklet

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